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Metal AM Magazine

Report about Formnext 2018: Siemens cooperated with Solukon for a new Materials Solutions facility
Metal Additive Manufacturing, Vol. 4, No.4, Winter 2018

In 2018 Siemens released innovative AM solutions for improved accuracy. Those significant developments include the advanced depowdering system SFM-AT800S developed in teamwork with Solukon. Read more on page 104 in this issue …

3D Adept

Interviews with Solukon-CEO Andreas Hartmann
3D Adept, online article, December 2018

Our developpers are specialized in identifying, understanding and overcoming challenges related to post-processing in additive manufacturing processes. CEO Andreas Hartmann  delivers insights into developing outstanding automatic depowdering systems. Read the interview on …

rapid + tct

Solukon and Siemens develop smart functionality for depowdering
TCT Magazine, online article, October 2018

The new SFM-AT800 enables the removal of powder adjusted to the claims of the parts. The new axis system adds the possibility of moving the part along any three-dimensional contour. Read about the cooperation with Siemens and prospective corporate developments in TCT Magazine …


Solukon develops advanced depowdering system

“The SFM-AT800S, with its smart control features, is another step forward in intelligent, automated postprocessing”, says Solukon CEO Dominik Schmid about the latest project with Siemens. What is special about the depowdering system? Find it out …


Solukon teams with the pneumatic system manufacturer Aventics
Scope, online article, March 2018

Pneumatic components enable ignition source-free depowdering within an protective gas-flooded process chamber. From the beginning Solukon banked on consultation and sampling by Aventics. Details about the gentle cleaning process under a protective gas atmosphere are shown on …

Diesel und Gas Turbine Worldwide

Take a close look at 3D printing
Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, online news, December 2018

Siemens inaugurated a new plant in Worcester, UK, entirely dedicated to additive manufacturing. Its AM strategy relies on cooperation with partners such as Solukon. Read the whole story on Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide …