SFM depowdering units

Automated powder ­removal of metal laser-melted parts

Solukon SFM depowdering units clean metal laser melted parts within a sealed process chamber, with targeted vibration and automated two-axis rotation.

Through programmable rotation of the parts, including the build plate in two axes, unmelted build material is also removed from complex voids and support structures.

After the automated cleaning program, manual cleaning with compressed air or inert gas is possible using sealed glove ports.

Depending on the build material, the process chamber can be rendered inert with protective gas or dust can be removed by means of extraction.

Solukon SFM-AT800_SFM-AT300_SFM-AT200
Protected process chamber with programmable rotation device
(inside view SFM-AT800)

Materials Processed

  • aluminum alloys
  • titanium alloys
  • steel alloys

Machine Versions

  • high-performance dust removal for non-reactive materials
  • inert gas infusion for reactive ­materials
  • direct connection to material ­processing


  • accommodates all build plates
  • automated 2-axis rotation device
  • automatically-opened roof for crane loading of large parts
  • pneumatic connections for manual air cleaning tools
  • material airlock with special container for collecting metal powder
  • controlled vibration mechanism with wide frequency range


  • tested explosion protection
  • high degree of protection from harmful dust
  • fast and economical part cleaning
  • completely inert material handling
  • comfortable part handling
  • robust design
  • maintenance-friendly system layout


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Front Image


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