SFM-AT300 compact depowdering unit

Automated depowdering of laser-melted metal parts up to 60 kg

SFM-AT300 cleaning unit for automated de-powdering

The SFM-AT300 system removes powder from laser-melted metal parts in a hermetically sealed process chamber, with targeted vibration and automated rotation.

Part specifications

  • Material:
Aluminum, steel or titanium alloys
  • Maximum weight:
60 kg
  • Maximum volume:
300 x 300 x 350 mm


  • Process chamber made of stainless steel
  • Automated rotation of parts around the horizontal axis
  • Lockable turntable for manual positioning of the parts
  • Manual cleaning with compressed air or inert gas
  • Material lock with special container
  • Controlled vibration with wide frequency range

Machine Versions

  • High-performance dust removal version for non-reactive materials
  • Inert gas infusion version for reactive materials
SFM-AT300 data sheet (PDF; 462 kB)