SFM - depowdering unit for laser-sintered metal parts


Cleaning sequence

Additive manufacturing encourages designing complex geometric structures. Removing unused powder can be time consuming.

Solukon depowdering units remove loose metal powder from laser-melted metal parts within a hermetically sealed process chamber with targeted vibration and automated 2-axis rotation.

Through programmable rotation of the part and the build plate around one or two axes, non-fused build material is removed from complex voids and support structures. After running the automated cleaning program, manual handling with compressed air or inert gas is possible using sealed gloved ports.

Depending on the build material, the atmosphere in the process chamber can be rendered inert with protective gas or dust can be extracted by vacuum.

The metal powder is collected in a hopper and can be discharged into a hermetically sealed container.

The highest safety standards are achieved through smart monitoring of the process and operation.

Cleaning units

800 x 400 x 550 mm³
300 kg
300 x 300 x 350 mm³
60 kg
300 x 300 x 230 mm³
60 kg
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SFP - Unpacking station for laser-sintered plastic parts

SFP-E7 unpacking station

The unpacking station is used to unpack parts from build boxes and to recycle reclaimed powder.

The SFP operates by automatically raising the floor of the build box. Unused powder material is caught in the surrounding hoppers. The parts in the build boxes are removed manually. The powder is collected using a screw-conveyor that transports the material to an integrated ultrasonic sieving unit.

Additional features

  • Enclosed screening station
  • Integrated ultrasonic screening
  • Pneumatic material conveyor system
  • Powerful extraction system
  • Multi-part protective cover with glass window


For build boxes from the P7 laser sinter system made by EOS.

SFP-E7 data sheet (PDF; 340 kB / english)
SFP unpacking station
SFP unpacking station
SFP unpacking station

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